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Good data is at the center of any effective marketing effort

Good data is one of the most important assets in any organization. Access to accurate, in-depth data allows you to more effectively prospect for, market to, and retain clients.

Learning More About Your Customers

Vista can store, manage, analyze and mine your databases to improve insight and response rates, helping you to automate targeted marketing and sales efforts. We can also can append your current databases with additional demographic, psychographic and behavioral preferences, allowing you to highly targeted messaging that resonates with your audience and can impact buying decisions.

Data Driven Personalization Increases ROI

A 2014 Infosys survey found that 86 percent of respondents said that personalization influenced what they purchase to some extent, and 25 percent of them said that personalization significantly influences what they purchase. Vista can help you use what you know about your prospects to personalize your marketing, making it more effective and providing a better ROI.

Finding Prospective Customers – When your goal is to reach a new audience, Vista can provide you with independent and objective data recommendations coupled with the highest level of customer service. We'll listen to your needs and provide guidance to help you optimize your next campaign.

Data Cleansing – Preparing a direct marketing campaign and want your data needs to perform at the highest level possible so that your message gets delivered? Before mailing, take advantage of Vista's battery of data hygiene and suppression services to ensure that the addresses on your customer file are accurate and meet current postal guidelines.

Filling in the gaps – When you wish to enhance communications with your customers by segmenting offers to relevant groups, you'll want to identifiy any gaps in your data. Vista can deploy a variety of append solutions to help close those gaps. We can help you add powerful demographics that are ideal for creating segments, or telephone numbers and email addresses to honor opt-in and preferences.

Customized Lists – Sometimes the objective a a campaign requires advanced targeting beyond the scope of a traditional list. Vista can support the creation of a custom direct marketing list that employs a combination of data processing services to combine, manipulate, and transform data from disparate databases into a highly-customized, solution-oriented list.

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