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Designing The Perfect Package

Beautiful and effective retail and information packaging begins with a well-thought-out design based on your concept. Since 1997 Vista has designed high impact packaging for some of the world’s largest companies.

Designing Packaging That Works

While graphics play a critical a role in boosting a product’s visual appeal, the practical and functional advantages of a well-engineered package are considered paramount to a product’s success and profitability. Once you are happy with the structure sample and estimate, Vista will provide you with a die line to create your artwork. We can also provide you with a full-color, three-dimensional mock-up of the finished product prior to production.

The Art & Science of Package Design

Consumer product manufacturers spend a great deal of time and resources on their packaging, testing what works well and ultimately what sells “now”. So what can you do to develop the right packaging for you products? Whether it’s for retail to promotional or direct mail, Vista has the experience and manufacturing knowledge to help you take your project to the next level.

Packaging Design – Not all paperboard packaging is a "box". Information packaging takes advantage of many of the same substrates and finishing processes as high volume folding cartons. Regardless of your need, the initial process remains the same: Thoughtful design based on the end use.

Packaging Styles – Packaging for consumer, medical or industrial products can often be broken down into a handful of categories: Tuck-top Auto Bottom, Straight & Reverse Tuck and finally Walker-style & telescoping trays. Information packaging, often more bespoke, can include capacity or expandable pockets, gussets, zippers and windows.

Sustainability – The environmental impact of packaging has garnered much attention from consumer groups and businesses in recent years. Since the mid-1990’s this awareness has resulted in a steady trend among designers, manufacturers and publishers to use paperboard for its sustainability, performance, and recyclable qualities.

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