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Flat Printing vs Thermography

What's the difference? Whether you are ordering business cards, letterhead, or event announcements, your choice between flat and raised print makes a big impact on how the final product looks. Is flat print the best choice? Or will thermography shine? These are not your only options for impressive printing, but today you will read about the comparisons between them. What are Thermography and Flat Print? Before we can talk about the different uses for these print processes, we want to introduce you to the way that thermography and flat print work. Flat printing is exactly what it sounds like: print that is flat. Flat printing is the…

Beyond CMYK: Enhance your Digital Printing

Many print fanatics are suckers for gloss varnishes, metallic foils, velvet finishes, neon colors, and lenticular images. Personally I, and many others are also advocates for digital print. Yet, for much of production, color digital print is process color only. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are classics, and they are perfect for many jobs, but sometimes  the consumers want more. InfoTrends estimates that 30% of offset prints in color have some type of enhancement beyond the four process colors. This process is often referred to as “CMYK+". The process of CMYK+ may be a spot or flood coat, a Pantone color, a metallic gold or silver ink, opaque white, or a…

How the seasons affect your direct mail campaigns

Some direct mail marketers focus so much on what they mail to whom, that they lose sight of another variable that’s just as important: when  they mail. In my experience, most industries have a good time of year to mail (when they get stellar results), and a bad one (when you wonder if anyone out there is listening). Do you know which season is best for you? While you may have a general idea of good times to mail, you may not know those weeks or months to avoid – when your response rate falls like a stone. As an example, one of my clients mails sales letters about commodities. You know,…

Fabricon Case Study

Big Company Solutions. Small Company Service

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Digital offset printing is perfect for short to medium print runs with the added value of customization. Digital technology enables data-driven versioning

for one-to-one personalization and hyper-targeting micro-market segments. Research shows data-driven personalization increases response rates 3X. Because

projects move directly from digital format to our presses, there are significant savings in time, plates and waste — and your message gets to market faster.

Our HP Indigo digital offset printing will amaze you and command attention from your buyers.

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