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How the seasons affect your direct mail campaigns

Some direct mail marketers focus so much on what they mail to whom, that they lose sight of another variable that’s just as important: when  they mail. In my experience, most industries have a good time of year to mail (when they get stellar results), and a bad one (when you wonder if anyone out there is listening). Do you know which season is best for you? While you may have a general idea of good times to mail, you may not know those weeks or months to avoid – when your response rate falls like a stone. As an example, one of my clients mails sales letters about commodities. You know,…

How to Write Thank-You Letters for Clients

The art of the thank-you note has been largely forgotten, particularly by businesses. One unique way to improve customer retention, as well as positive word of mouth advertising, is by taking the time to write thank-you letters to clients or customers. While this can be a time-consuming process, the benefits for this type of communication are far-reaching and well worth the time spent. Ideally, the owner of a small business should be the one to send a thank-you note so that the gesture is associated with the company as a whole, not just with one employee.