Print Drives Digital

In today’s business landscape, everybody seems to be entirely focused on their online marketing campaigns. Improving the layout of websites and reaching out to customers in social media are just some of the objectives of most business owners.

While there is a good reason to put significant time and resources into online marketing methods, you should not forget about the tried and proven promotional technique of print marketing.

Instead of trying to choose between the two, you can use one to promote the other. With the majority of shopping done online in 2017, your customers are bound to be exposed to digital media at some point. Why not use your print media to drive traffic to your website via QR codes or promo-codes? By creating an effective print campaign we can drive more consistent and profitable digital purchases.

So the takeaway here is not to choose one medium or the other, but to use both to accent one another. As a social media manager for a printing company, I can see both sides of the spectrum. On one hand I use social media along with an online presence to drive digital purchases. At the same time, I have found handing out business cards or sending direct mailers with my handles on them can work wonders for my social media following, thus driving traffic through our online store.





source: neurosciencemarketing



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