Making Our Planet's Health

a top priority

Sustainable Printing: Lean & Clean

Taking Responsibility Every Day

Eco-friendly principles at the center of our workplace.

At Vista, we believe the health of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. To that end we have structured our production processes with the goal of preserving the environment.

Protecting the world's forests

We have been FSC® chain-of-custody certified since 2015. (Forest Stewardship Council®) FSC certified orders use FSC certified paper which comes from responsibly managed forests and are printed in our facility utilizing FSC protocols to assure the final product meets all FSC requirements. Our FSC number is NC-COC-005902 and our License Code is FSC-C110794. With the help of our customers and our paper suppliers, Vista is working to ensure the health of the world’s forests for future generations.

Printing practices that safeguard the environment

Recycling – We recycle anything and everything — from paper, plastics, metals, wood, pallets, blanket wash, solvents, light bulbs and toner cartridges to batteries.

Digital Printing Technology– For short runs digital allow us to print only the quantity needed, wasting only a few sheets compared to hundreds lost on larger offset presses. Our HP Indigo press also uses non-toxic, long-lifespan consumables and uses considerably less energy than competing technologies.

Environmentally friendly, vegetable-based inks – Made primarily from soy, these inks are not only clean, they produce brilliant, high-quality images. Our use of soy inks allows you to display the “Printed with Soy” mark from the American Soybean Association – a perfect way to show your concern for the environment.

Biodegradable packing materials – We use these in place of annoying, environmentally damaging materials such as petroleum-based “peanuts.”

Energy efficient HVAC & Lighting – Additional ways we reduce our impact on the environment includes capacitors to balance power load and high-efficiency fluorescent light fixtures & bulbs and high efficiency heaters and air handlers.

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